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Retirement Communities for Fun, Social, and Independent Living

Written by Family Magazine. Posted in Assisted lifestyle, Elder care options, Long-term skilled nursing care

Assisted lifestyle

We go through life with so many plans. Plans for the day, for the weekend, for vacation, for the future. Society has set up a system that most people buy into, in which we are meant to work for the majority of our lives, often at jobs we don’t like so that we can enjoy retirement further down the line. The problem is, that the point of retirement is so far down the line, that some people forget how to enjoy life before they get there. And because society also has unrealistic standards for beauty and youth, many people begin to fear retirement age and the years beyond it, rather than looking forward to it. It is time for a collective shift in perspective.

Changing the narrative on aging

Some people view retirement homes as places to avoid at all costs. The popular views on