Retirement Communities for Fun, Social, and Independent Living

Assisted lifestyle

We go through life with so many plans. Plans for the day, for the weekend, for vacation, for the future. Society has set up a system that most people buy into, in which we are meant to work for the majority of our lives, often at jobs we don’t like so that we can enjoy retirement further down the line. The problem is, that the point of retirement is so far down the line, that some people forget how to enjoy life before they get there. And because society also has unrealistic standards for beauty and youth, many people begin to fear retirement age and the years beyond it, rather than looking forward to it. It is time for a collective shift in perspective.

Changing the narrative on aging

Some people view retirement homes as places to avoid at all costs. The popular views on aging are so skewed and backwards that most people let fear and resentment grow to bitterness, defensiveness, and hostility when it comes to suggestions of joining a senior care community. The truth is, reaching old age should be a feat that is both revered and respected. Isn’t the whole point of life to experience as much of it as possible, in a manner that is as fulfilling as possible? Why then do the elderly get forgotten, to the point that old age becomes something to fear and loathe?

The average retirement age is 63 years old. Hopefully, if you have lived a healthy life, you will still have plenty of time to enjoy life. But the fact of the matter is, for just about everyone on the planet, 63 years is the majority of our lives. This doesn’t always leave a lot of room between the time that one retires and the point that age begins to take aspects of health, abilities, and faculties away. The best retirement communities, however, encourage a zeal for life no matter your age. Because life is beautiful, and should be enjoyed in every possible moment.

The beauty of retirement communities

Of course, not everyone is ready to check out retirement communities as soon as they retire. But when you do get to the point of considering different retirement living options, know that you are not limited to the stagnant, drab, nursing homes that get portrayed in far too many aspects of pop culture. Retirement communities that promote and encourage independent living are not rare. You finally don’t have to work, let yourself live it up! These types of communities often provide services that make life simpler for its residents, but that doesn’t mean that entering into such a community means forfeiting your independence. Quite the contrary, in fact. Communities that provide activities for like minded individuals as well as maintenance and everyday duty services would be a great place to take advantage of your newfound freedom from work!

The happiness of residents

It may take time to realize, but old age is not a bad thing. In fact one survey revealed that about 48% of retirees said that they were happier than they thought that they would be when they entered retirement. And though it may seem obvious, anyone can start planning for a happy retirement at any time. About 81% of those who have entered retirement said that being in good health is the number one factor for enjoyable retirement years. Another factor, perhaps not as obvious to some, is the level of activity that residents take part in. Those who report being the happiest are those who participate in at least three or four activities on a regular basis. Those who do not participate in any activities, do not socialize, or only take part in one or two activities are reportedly not as happy.

Life is beautiful. The longer you are here to experience it, the better. Do not let circumstances or the ridiculous and misguided standards of society dictate how life goes for you, at any point in time.

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