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Blazing Trails How to Get Started on Camping as a Hobby for the Whole Family

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Technology has changed us in many ways, most significantly is the way that we connect with one another. There are many that fear that younger generations are forming a kind of dependency on technology that will inhibit their ability to socialize; in fact there are studies that show that time spent in front of a screen can detrimentally impact the social skills of infants and young children — this is due to the fact that children learn social skills by stimuli and the stimuli on the screen does not interact naturally with children. For all of its benefits, we are still learning how to control technology as families face issues that may not have even been dreamt about by previous generations — for this reason many families are looking for technologically-limited alternatives to family vacations that


Clothing Drop Off Sites Make Donating Easy and Fast

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As you spend another morning washing what seem to the exact same loads of clothes that you wash every week, you realize again the clutter in your home. If each member of your family continually wears the same 30 pieces of clothing, why is every closet in the house bursting at its seams with other items that are never touched? Fueled by this reasoning, you announce that this weekend will be the time that your family donates to deluttering. You plan to make a major clothing drop off on Monday morning, and your are offering a coffee gift card reward to the family member who gets rid of the most stuff.
It may not take a coffee card contest to get your family to spend time sorting through closets, drawers, cabinets, and cupboards, but if it does it seems worth the investment.