You’ll Never Realize How Much Your Car Needs Disinfectant to Go

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I recently picked up some Lysol disinfectant spray to go just for my car. I figured it was good to have on hand in case of I might ever find myself in a situation that called for it. However, I never expected to use my Lysol disinfectant spray to go so much. It came in way more handy than I thought!

Here are some of the times when my Lysol disinfectant spray to go saved the day!

1. Gross Dog Smell.

My friends and I are pretty outdoorsy people, so we do a lot of camping, hiking, fishing, kayaking, bouldering and other stuff in mother nature. However, my one friend just loves to bring his labrador with us, which is usually fine by me. However, we decided to canoeing on a river about an hour away. Little did we know how smelly the water would be. Whether it was pollution or something else, I don’t know, so when that dog kept jumping in and out of the canoe, I knew it’d smell ripe for the trip home. Of course, it did, and it left its lingering odor in my car, too! Thankfully, I didn’t have to grab an all purpose disinfectant spray from the house, because I had my Lysol disinfectant spray to go right there in the door.

2. Leftover Food Odors.

I took my little cousin out for lunch after he got home college. We went to our favorite little spot for wings, and, for some reason, she didn’t finish all of hers… nor did she seal the container properly. After a particularly winding road, I noticed that my car smelled a little bit too much like buffalo wings, and sure enough, they spilled all over. Once I got it all cleaned up, though, the odor soaked in. As much as I love the smell of chicken wings, it got a bit nauseous. Instead of waiting for it to fade out, I grabbed my Lysol disinfectant spray to go, and took care of that!

3. Mysterious Spills.

Now, those chicken wings got all over the place, and while I had eliminated that soaked in scent, I neglected to notice the little globs that had gotten by the door. Over time, they started to get rather hairy, and absolutely disgusting. So, I grabbed some paper towels from the trunk, and sprayed my Lysol disinfectant spray to go, and mopped that mess right up!

My Lysol got out scents before they set, odors that had soaked in, and was able to clean up some pretty disgusting, sticky messes. These were only a few of the times when I was glad that I had my Lysol disinfectant spray to go, and there have been so many others. If you have any similar stories that you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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