Why a Shepadoodle Puppy Is the Perfect Addition to Your Growing Family

A shepadoodle is a beautiful medium to large-sized dog and is a hybrid of a German Shephard and a Poodle. Shepadoodle puppies are known to be happy, loving, gentle, and well-mannered, making them an ideal addition to your family! If you are planning on having children or already have kids, you should know that a Shepadoodle puppy is the perfect dog to look into.

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They are good companions within your home, and they are also hypoallergenic if you get a Shepadoodle with poodle-like fur. Poodle fur sheds very little and is ideal for families with pet allergies. Your home won’t be full of shedded fur, making it easy to clean up after your pup!

Your kids can also learn how to take care of your Shepadoodle puppy. They can learn how to follow a bathroom schedule and a feeding schedule. Your kids can also learn how to gently brush your puppy and how to play with it safely. Your children can also learn how to walk your puppy by walking alongside you when you take your Shepadoodle for their daily walks.

Join the many families who get adorable Shepadoodle puppies today!

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