Which Vegetables Should You Garden When You Are a Beginner?

Gardening is a fun and interesting hobby for many people. Some people like to grow food plants not only as a hobby but as a way to offset the grocery bill while eating more healthily. Not a lot of space? No problem! Many vegetable plants can be grown in buckets or pots you can place out on your porch or terrace. Some can even thrive in a small window box.

Video Source

Here’s a video that will tell you more about eight vegetables so easy to grow that even an absolute beginner can cope.

Chili peppers: If you want a salsa garden, these are an absolute must. They grow best if you plant many at once.

Tomatoes: A backyard tomato is even tastier than a grocery tomato. Will require stakes and ties.

Garlic: They grow in sandy soil from quartered cloves. When the leaves look dead, it’s time to harvest.

Peas: The seeds will grow faster if pre-soaked. They grow quickly with moderate sun and water.

Radishes: Can be grown in a window box and do not need transplanting. They need a good bit of water.

Cabbage and Cauliflower: Listed together as they are so similar. Best in cold weather conditions.

Carrots: Good for the gardener who’s a beginner, but still wants something of a challenge. Rich in beta carotene.

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