What’s In A Bouquet? The History, Symbolism And Personality Of Flowers

When you want to send something nice to someone, you can choose an amazing flower bouquet that will give them a smile. Along with those amazing flowers, you need amazing flower delivery to get them where they’re going. If you are sending an assorted roses bouquet, you need it to be styled well and to get there on time as agreed. Some larger floral ordering services have an app to deliver flowers to make it even easier. This allows you to choose your flowers and order them all on your phone and without needing to talk to anyone.

If you are in the market for wedding bouquets, a lot can go into picking just the right one. They often have a mix of flower types to create one overall look. You may want all of the flowers to be white, or you may want your bouquet to contain a number of different colors. Start to get ideas from wedding magazines and go to the florist of your choice with a few pictures. There, you can work with the florist to design your own bouquet. When you’ve decided on the flowers, you know that they will look great when it’s time for photos.

The History of Flowers

You can count on a lot of things to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. Perhaps you prefer a warm cup of coffee to start off your morning or a good song to accompany you through a long drive. Flowers are nature’s unique way of making you smile and temporarily forget all your troubles. Soft scents, brilliant colors and soft textures all come together in a beautiful package that has withstood the test of time the world over. Any holiday or special event coming up is deserving of such a gift, that of which can be arranged artfully by experienced flower shops in your area.

The subtle symbolism of flowers has helped entire cultures communicate hopes and fears for centuries. This doesn’t mean every flower can be interpreted the same way. White is often associated with purity and innocence in the United States, but is the color of death and mourning in China. Red is considered a romantic color in the West, but can also be interpreted as encouraging wealth or power. Learning about what each unique flower stands for can add an extra layer of meaning to your gift and make it truly something special.

Baby’s breath is a classic standby for baby showers and weddings, representing the delicacy of youth with their tender stems and dainty appearance. Daisies, while not the most common flower for events or holidays, are still common in popular culture for their iconic shape and association with playfulness and innocence. Roses, of course, have enjoyed consistent attention for a very long time for their regal petals and wide variety of colors. In fact, just the hue of the rose can completely transform its symbolic nature. Red roses are linked closely with passion, while pink roses are considered fun and sweet.

Flowers can fit just about any occasion. Certain events, however, are practically known for their glorious flower spreads. It’s estimated flowers will make up nearly 10% of the average wedding budget, with over 60% of wedding parties including a flower girl to commemorate the new couple. The most popular flower choices for a wedding are white roses, pink roses, peonies, tulips and lilies. These can be used in a bouquet, a flower crown or spread across the venue to add a delicate pop of color. Flower shops are more than flexible enough to handle any challenge you bring to their doorstep.

Did you know over 15% of American women will send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day? According to data provided by the American Society Of Florists, this holiday is the most popular for florists, representing as much as a third of their fresh flower purchases. The other holidays that see a mountain of flower purchases are Christmas and Hanukkah, with 30% of adults choosing either flowers or plants to supplement their gifts. Flower shops regularly have their work cut out for them as they aim to make each and every day as memorable as possible.

Thinking of adding fresh flowers to your wedding day? How about some birthday flowers for a friend? Flower shops not only have plenty of arrangement ideas to choose from, they can also adapt to your particular needs to ensure the most comprehensive package possible. This can include addressing allergies (there are hypoallergenic flower types for those with sensitive noses) and choosing flowers with a longer lifespan (tulips’ are notoriously short and only last for a few days). Flower bouquets date back as early as 2500 B.C. Grab yourself a little history in the modern day and consider seeking out a florist next time you need a gift idea.

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