What to Look For In an Apartment

All adults need somewhere to live, and there are two general routes to take: buy a property, or rent one. Those with the budget and interest may pass up apartments a condominium in favor of a suburban home, and homeowners enjoy some advantages such as being able to get their home remodeled and even perform landscaping on the front or back yard, and this can be a great investment for them. But not all who are on the real estate market can afford or even want their own house. Rather, apartments for rent, condominiums, town homes, and other rental property may appeal to them much more, such as two bedroom apartments. There are some advantages to this route too, such as the much lower expenses and financial obligations of buying a house, not to mention how landlords may provide repair and cleaning services such as lawn mowing or roof repair at no expense to the tenant (this may vary). A person can look for a single bedroom apartment if they choose to live alone, or apartments with more rooms may be needed for larger parties, such as two bedroom apartments. Today, how often to Americans look for rental property such as two bedroom apartments, and what criteria should someone use when looking for a property?

American Renters

Many millions of single people or families in the United States opt to find two bedroom apartments or studio apartments rather than buy a property for any number of reasons, one of which may simply be their budget. In other cases, a person or family may plan to move often due to their lifestyle or someone’s job, and for this reason, buying a proper house would be impractical, and instead three or two bedroom apartments are much more suitable, since they are much easier to buy and move back out of. People and families moving out of two bedroom apartments, for example, never have to worry about finding a buyer like a homeowner would.

There are some statistics showing how and why American people and families choose to rent their properties, and there are many of them. Some 25% of rental residents are renters by choice; that is, it is their personal preference that led them to renting real estate rather than buying it. Those who plan to move often for a job or lifestyle, for example, may choose this route. And as mentioned above, expenses are another issue, and a mortgage is not for everyone. Just over 50% of renter respondents in a recent survey said that they consider renting the better choice for their finances and stress levels, since homeowners are responsible for a lot more than renters are in their properties. Today, a lot of rental residences are filled; some 42.58 million housing units are occupied by renters, and this figure may very well increase in the coming years.

Another reason to rent is because the renter is a college student who is living away from his or her parents for the first time, and in most cases, this young adult may be both unwilling and unable to find and buy their own house so soon. Many college students live in on-campus housing, while others look for apartments such as two bedroom apartments near campus during their college career. This can be convenient if there are no rooms left in the dorms or if a student cannot afford dorms. These apartments might be rented for one to four years or so.

What to Look For

There are many criteria for finding a rental space, but some are fairly standard and common, and they overlap with what home buyers look for. A property should not only be in a renter’s price range, but may also be found in an attractive area with features such as gas stations, schools or colleges, malls, or movie theaters and grocery stores. The apartment or condo should be visited in person and checked for any number of issues ranging from worn out carpets to termite damage, or even faulty electrical sockets, leaking pipes, or drafty windows. Features like WiFi, a pool, or even a juice bar can be looked for, and many finer apartments or condos are bound to have such communal features in them.

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