What Is The Difference Between Assisted Living And Independent Living?

Many of us adult children dread the decision we will have to make when our parents become older. Although we don’t want to think of them as “old” they are getting older and therefore are now our elderly parents. When this time comes for us, we will have to make the dreaded decision to either place our moms and dads in an assisted living facility or an independent living center. Here are some of the differences between independent living and assisted living.

Facts About Assisted Living

One thing is for sure, if your mom or dad has a major mental illness, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, or some other type of cognitive impairment where they cannot care for themselves any longer, you may want to consider an assisted living facility. The fact also remains true for physical illnesses they may have, where an assisted living center can help them.

Assisted Living Can Provide Them With The Care They Need

An assisted living facility can allow them to live in a home where they will get the care they need including required medication and 24/7 medical support. Assisted living can allow your elderly parents to be able to live in a home while being cared for by the medical staff. Although, according to the last census that was taken, over 50,000 people live to be 100-years-old or older, this isn’t the same fact for everyone and many people, as they age, end up with debilitating diseases or other life-threatening medical problems and may not live to be 100 or older. Because of this, these elderly people need extra care to maintain a feasible lifestyle.

Also, these living facilities can help the adult children have the peace of mind they need to know that their mom and dad are being very-well cared for during their remaining golden years.

Facts About Independent Living
On the other hand, when your elderly parents are healthy as a horse and can still live on their own, you may want to opt for independent housing for them. Choosing an independent living solution for them is a good idea for several reasons, including the following:

Independent housing can keep keep them from having to handle the responsibilities of owning and caring for their own home, meaning making sure it is well-maintained for them to stay in it for as long as they need to.

*Independent living can allow them to still socialize, by making new friends or maintaining their older friendships with those who already live there or are planning on moving into senior housing soon too.

Senior living communities can allow them to choose from different styles including full apartment complexes or even subdivisions.

By choosing a senior living community, they can live independently without having medical staff breathing down their neck if they don’t need it.

Senior housing also provides them with rides to social gatherings outside of the retirement home.

Independent living communities provide social gatherings within the retirement home as well.

Independent housing provides full bathrooms, bedrooms, and their own kitchen which can allow them to make their own food and host their own dinners with friends and family.*

Although your parents may now be “old”, they may still be able to care for themselves, including holding down a full-time job. In fact, according to a research poll created by Pew Research, almost 20 % of elderly people are still not retired and are still working a full-time job just to make ends meet for themselves. The fact of the matter is, many elderly people can still care for themselves and independent housing may be the right choice for them.

Which one will you choose for your elderly parents? Independent housing or assisted living? Let us know what your choice is in the comments below!

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