What is a Mochi Donut?

Have you heard about the mochi donut craze? The mochi donut or pon de ring (Japanese) is a cross between an American donut and the rice cake mochi in Japan. This donut made its debut in Hawaii and the love has quickly spread across the entire U.S. These tasty treats have become very popular.

Video Source

If you have not tried one yet you absolutely should. These donuts are similar to American donuts but different. They are delicious sweet treats that will satisfy that sweet tooth. This video shows you how the donuts are made from creating the batter to being fried and finally you get to watch as the donuts are glazed.

This is a fun fast-paced video that is visually appealing. Anyone that enjoys watching how it is made videos will love this video. You can watch the step-by-step process as the batter is made and goes through the process to completion. Get an insider’s peek behind the scenes of what is soon to be one of America’s favorite treats and you will be able to tell your friends how they are made. Watch the video now to learn more about how a mochi donut comes to be.


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