Ways to Prevent and Reverse Thinning Hair

If you’re struggling with thinning hair due to age, stress, or simply genetics, pay attention to this informative video on how to solve your problem! Clumps of hair in your hairbrush and significant amounts of scalp showing are both indicators of balding; something women experience just as men do. In fact, up to 50% of people will experience balding in their lifetime.

Using too much heat, using chemicals to dye your hair, and keeping your hair wrapped too tightly, all cause hair loss. A few ways to make your hair appear fuller than it is, without actual treatment would include stylistic changes like adding layers.

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If hormonal changes are causing your hair loss, doctors may prescribe you Minoxidil, a common medicine for women with this problem. There are also platelet-rich plasma injections that will help repair your hair follicles, promote new growth and lead you on your path to hair restoration.

If you prefer to use at-home remedies to solve your hair loss issues, certain oils, such as sunflower oil, castor oil, or argon oil will do the trick. All of these options will reduce breakage and allow your hair to grow thicker over time. Regardless of what method you chose, you are not alone or without hope in your journey to hair growth!


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