Vacation Time Is Good For Your Health Where Should You Spend Your Next Weekend Off?

It’s time to face facts. You need a vacation.

Taking time off isn’t just about kicking up your feet and enjoying a little downtime. It’s also about prioritizing your mental and physical health. Today’s average working American is in serious need of a few days off, with burnout at an all-time high and mental health days starting to be taken just as often as flu days. Condos for sale in Vancouver are a great place to start if you’ve been wondering just how a vacation could have you feeling like your old self again. With a beautiful environment and convenient location, this lovely seaport is a go-to destination.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common questions people ask when fine-tuning their next great escape.

What Do Americans Think About Vacations?

This may seem like an unusual question to start off with. Who doesn’t like spending a week off chilling in cabins and hanging out with friends? While a recent study revealed over 95% of Americans believe vacation time to be important, actually taking that vacation time is another hurdle entirely. The United States is filled with hard workers who are often too nervous to take that free time and use it, for lack of a better word, productively. When you start thinking about cabins or condos for sale, you’re going the extra mile to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of your free time.

Which Generation Likes To Travel The Most?

The love of the open road and seeing the sights knows no generation. Millennials are predicted to spend a staggering $1 trillion on travel every year by the time 2020 arrives. This includes investing in hospitality, food, tickets, travel methods and souvenirs, among other things. Technavio’s analysts have also forecast the global vacation rental market to grow at a CAGR of 7% for the next few years. In fact, so many people from so many different backgrounds are realizing this year they need to start taking time off. It’s a good time to start looking up cabin rentals in British Columbia!

How Do People Like To Spend Their Vacation?

One person’s vacation is another person’s waste of time. You need to look into activities that mean a lot to you, personally, if you want to feel your best by the end of the weekend. Back in 2017 Canadians spent over 85 million collective days on beach vacations alone. A lot of studies have been conducted to find the common thread that links all these days off together, with some of them rather surprising. Over 65% of Canadians stress they won’t do any work while on vacation, even if it’s just checking e-mail. Another 40% prefer to use their rental property for family reunions.

Where Are The Most Popular Destinations?

The iconic image of a vacation includes sipping a cold drink while reclining on a sunny beach. This is still not too far from the truth! A survey on vacation preferences concluded over 60% of Canadians want a vacation that’s primarily for rest and relaxation, rather than running around a new city and soaking in the sights. Vancouver Island has an area of 32,000 square kilometers, remaining the largest island off the West Coast of North America. Its lush environment and close proximity to the beach make it a popular choice for couples and families alike.

Should I Take A Vacation This Year?

Have you been noticing a lack of interest in your hobbies lately? Is the work week starting to drain you in more ways than one? Vacation time is a great form of medication to cure what ails you, offering you an opportunity to catch up on missed sleep and reconnect with the people that mean the world to you. Renting cabins is a smart option if you want to take some friends with you, as it gives you the freedom to rest and recoup should you take a venture to the beach or the city. The oceanside resort and family cabins rental is going fast, so grab a pen and mark it on your to-do list.

Your relaxing, sunny vacation awaits!

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