Top 9 Best House Improvements for Families

When you have lived in your family home for years, you may want to spruce it up and make it look as good as new. Many think that the best house improvements must cost a lot of money. Nope! You can revamp your home without denting your wallet. You only have to focus your makeover efforts on areas of the house that do not require lots of money to upgrade. Renovating your home makes it more inviting and comfortable. It is a project that many families carry out every few years to increase the appeal and value of their homes. Here are the top ten best house improvements for families.

Install a Hot Tub

If you are looking for affordable best house improvements, you can start with a hot tub install. It immensely increases the value of your home after a small investment. It makes your home somewhere you want to spend most of your time as you can relax and unwind in a hot tub after a long day. It is the best home improvement decision you can make to modernize it.

A hot tub installation is easy. There are many hot tub styles you can select. Installation costs range from $500 to $25,000. You can install a hot tub either inside or outside the house. It is essential to involve a professional to help you plan, purchase and install the hot tub. The ideal time to install a hot tub is towards the end of summer when it is not too hot or too cold.

Once you install a hot tub, you will need monthly cleaning and draining of dirty water and regular maintenance. Proper care for the hot tub ensures it is durable and does not get damaged. Repairing it is expensive. You can also expect high electricity and water bills based on how often you use the hot tub.

Install a Pool

Installing a pool in your home is another of the best house improvements you can make. While it is a substantial investment in sprucing up your home, it makes it more inviting and comfortable. Additionally, it increases the asking price if you decide to sell. During the hot summer days, you can cool off in your pool and stay away from the sun at home.

When installing a pool at home, consider its size, depth, and location in your yard. Also, consider the safety of the people who live and visit your home. While it may cost a lot to install, you will only need regular cleaning for maintenance which is not expensive. You can engage a pool cleaning business near you to periodically check on the status of your pool.

You will need a professional to help you plan and design a pool ideal for your yard. Depending on the available space, you can install a pool with a different shape. It will be unique and make your home stand out if you ever sell.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Cleaning your carpets is one of the best house improvements idea you can implement. Proper cleaning removes visible and invisible dirt. Cleaning carpets eliminates allergens and pests and increases the air quality in the house. It also makes it more comfortable to step.

Carpet cleaning is an involving task. It is better to hire a carpet cleaning service to do it for you. It saves you time and money. You do not have to purchase the cleaning chemicals and equipment to wash a carpet. You can also spend the time doing other things of interest to you. When clean and dry, they will put it back on your floor. Stepping on a newly washed carpet will make you feel like you are in a new home.

Wash the carpet professionally at least two times a year. Professionals are aware of the cleaning instructions offered by different carpet manufacturers. They have powerful carpet cleaning tools and chemicals. They also know how to remove a variety of stains that may be on your carpet. When they finish, your carpet will be as good as new.

Replace Your Flooring

For the best house improvements, consider changing your flooring. New floors quickly transform your home from cold to warm and cozy and enhance its appearance. There are many types of floor materials that you can choose for your home. Additionally, there are many techniques you can use to update your flooring. For example, you do not have to remove the existing floor. You can easily lay a new flooring material.

A contemporary flooring material you can use to update your home is vinyl. You will have to hire a vinyl flooring service for the best results. Vinyl floors are ideal for a range of homes. They are long-lasting and are available in a range of colors and appearances. You can install vinyl flooring that looks like a hardwood floor or any other flooring material you prefer.

You need a professional to lay the new vinyl flooring in your home. Choose a color or texture that will revamp the appearance of your home. Vinyl flooring is affordable and comfortable to step on. It is also waterproof. Therefore, it will protect the foundation of your home from excess water. A professional will advise on whether to install it on its own or above an existing floor.

Paint Your Home

For a quick home transformation, paint it. You can paint the external and interior walls of your home to revamp it. Painting your home is one of the best house improvements you can carry out without denting your bank account. Paint is readily available at a home improvement store near you. You can DIY a painting job. However, if you have not done it before, hire a professional local painting service.

To update your home by painting it, you can choose different colors for different rooms. A painter from a painting company will advise you on how much paint you need. The larger your home, the more paint you require and the more you will pay to paint your home. If you want to DIY, you need the right tools and materials for work. Enough paint for the whole house, brushes or rollers, lots of paper or cloth to cover the furniture, and the parts you do not want to paint are the materials you need.

The best painting technique is to pour the paint you need for a room into a bucket. Start painting from the ceiling to the floor. Use a roller. Dip it in the paint and start from one corner of the wall towards the middle. Do the same for the other side of the wall. Allow enough time to dry before you can apply the next layer of paint if need be.

Repair or Replace Your Roof

Roofs are long-lasting. They define your home and give it character. For the best house improvements, you can consider roof replacement. It makes your home new again. When a roof changes, it looks like the old building got demolished. Therefore, it is an ideal method to revamp your home. Roof replacement requires a professional to do the work. The roofing material, roof design, and the house size determine how much you will pay and how long the roof replacement will take.

Depending on the house size or the number of roofers working on it, it may take up to a day to replace a roof. It should take place on a sunny, warm day. If it rains before finishing the job, it may damage the contents of your home. You need to engage a residential roofing company to change the roof and advise on the best day to complete the task.

As part of their work to protect the contents of the house, your roof could get damaged. Roof repair is the cheapest way to get your roof back to ideal conditions. You need a professional to assess the damage and recommend whether to repair or replace it.

Upgrade Your Door Locks

Door locks are available in different styles that enhance the aesthetics of your home. Updating the door locks is one of the best house improvement techniques that improve security affordably. Besides a renovation, a burglary at your home is another cause for changing door locks. You require secure door locks to prevent it from happening again. Also, change door locks whenever you move into a new home.

Changing door locks is an easy task if you are handy. However, having a locksmith do it is cost-effective and fast. How much you pay depends on the number and type of locks you want to replace. The more advanced the locks are, the more you will pay. Besides security, you can use door locks as an aesthetic statement.

Door handles can cover the locks and make it easy to open doors. The handles or door knobs are more visible than the locks. Homeowners can purchase unique door knobs in the revamping of their homes. Get door knobs made of distinctive materials or in unique designs and shapes. You can even have a different handle on every door in the house.

Install New Light Fixtures

Revamping your lighting can transform your home quickly. If you are looking for the best house improvements at a low cost and quick results, install new light fixtures. One of the best ways to update your home with lighting is to change your bulbs to energy-saving LEDs. They are available in different colors to create a unique lighting experience in your home.

Depending on the age of your home, update the home lighting fixtures and electrical design. Hire an electrical contracting professional to redesign your home’s lighting. Only professionals should handle electrical work in a home. Working on electrical issues without the correct training can lead to fatal injuries or even burn down the house.

Recessed lighting is another way you can use lights to revamp the appearance of your home. Recessed lights are also known as downlights or canister lights. They have grown increasingly popular for contemporary home design. They offer your home a stylish and modern look. They can be installed strategically and produce sufficient light and warmth in the house.

Other lighting fixtures you can consider when updating your home include chandeliers, track lighting, and pendant lighting. Whichever light fixture you choose for your home, hire a professional to design and install it.

Update Kitchen

Another of the best home improvements is a kitchen update. It is one of the most used in rooms at home. Based on the age of the people living in the house, everyone goes into the kitchen at least twice a day. Therefore, redesigning the kitchen impacts how the house looks and its use.

To transform your kitchen, you can replace or update your kitchen cabinets. Change the color of the cabinets or buy new ones to revamp the kitchen. The best color of cabinets to install in your kitchen is white. They never go out of fashion, and all you need to maintain their color is regular proper cleaning. If you decide to paint them, remove their doors and empty them of all their contents. You can also change the handles and knobs on the cabinet doors. You can also revamp the countertops and appliances. Consider getting modern countertops and new appliances for your kitchen.

The best house improvements for families ensure that homes look good at all times, regardless of the age of the house. You do not have to spend lots of money to refurbish a home. Revamping a few parts of the house can transform it and enhance its appearance. Always hire a professional where DIY is not an option.



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