Tips for Hip Parenting in Your Hip Pocket

Family magazine online

This just in… mobile technology is not a fad. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable computers like the forthcoming Google Glass are cementing the mobile computing world into our daily culture. And while the new technology obviously fits well with specialized fields like medicine and scientific research, the benefits for everyday life are not too shabby either.

Parenting, for example, is perhaps one of the oldest fields known to human kind. While the advice of friends and family members has been vital throughout the millennia, these days our circle of acquaintances has been extended to potentially include the entire planet, as social media and the Internet draw us all together as one big happy human family. The upshot is, family advice is more abundant than ever, and from hundreds of thousands of different perspectives.

And technology, as always, is stepping up to the challenge. Mobile devices have made it easier than ever to take your favorite family magazine online with you everywhere you go. No more racking your brain for that helpful tip you read about when the latest issue hit your mailbox. Now all the information is literally at your fingertips, to be easily sorted, searched, and savored exactly when you need it.

Hundreds of thousands of people are turning to online family magazines for family planning, family worship, family dentistry, family outings… magazines for family anything, really. Perhaps because it takes the magazine experience to the next level, offering interactive menus, video articles, and realtime feedback comments from readers just like you, instead of a once monthly “letter to the editor” column.

And sharing your favorite finds has never been easier. No more clipping and photocopying, the way our cavemen ancestors used to share magazine articles. Email, text, or tweet that eye catching piece to your inner circle, and spread the word faster than ever. And enjoy the paradox of using the very newest technology to get better at one of the very oldest jobs.

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