Tips for Buying the Right Sheet for Your Family

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Few things can be as calming and relaxing as laying down in a bed with comfortable sheets. More than 75% of people surveyed said they love it when their sheets have a clean, fresh scent. This makes them more likely to fall asleep and they look forward more to sleeping when their sheets smell nice. Shopping for sheets can be challenging. There are a lot of options. If you are looking for new sheets for your family and need to get different kinds, baby crib fitted sheets, adult sheets, kids fitted sheets, guest bed sheets, whatever you are looking for, these tips will make the process easier.

Things to Look for When Shopping for New Sheets:

Look at the thread count. If you buy cotton sheets, they come with certain “thread counts.” This is the number of woven threads that can be put into one square inch of fabric. While the counts range from 150 to 1,500, fabric experts say the maximum is really more like between 500 and 600. When you look at sheets and want to get a good thread count, the lower the number the lighter and softer the sheets will be. The higher the thread count means the sheets will feel denser. Most people go with higher thread counts but look at what you are currently using and think about how you like that.

Look at the fabrics. Sheets come in a number of different fabrics. There are many forms of cotton sheets. They range from Egyptian cotton to sateen and you can get a cotton polyester blend. There are also pure polyester and sheets made from bamboo. Bamboo sheets needs to specially laundered in the delicate cycle. You can also get certain kinds of water proof sheets. If you have babies or small children in your home you may want to get baby waterproof sheets, waterproof kids fitted sheets or a waterproof mattress protector to save your mattress from inevitable accidents or spills.

Think about your weave. Sheets come in a number of weaves. There is the standard cotton but then there is also flannel, which is a heavier cotton. The higher the thread count of the flannel sheet, the warmer it will be. Percale is another kind of cotton but a lower quality is used. Satin sheets use very tights threads and the threads are thin. These are not as durable as other sheets and do not last as long.

Look at different colors and patterns. People react very differently to certain colors. Psychological studies have shown this. Some colors are calming, while others can excite or agitate someone. Other than getting sheets that match your decor, think about what colors you want to be the last thing you look at every day and what will be the first color you see in the morning. Many kids fitted sheets and kids top sheets come in different patterns from cartoons, movies and television they like. They can also come with animal designs or other patterns. Talk with your children about what they would like to have on their beds.

Finding the right sheets for you and your family should not be hard. If you know what kind you and your family like, you can order a number of sheets online. If you are not sure or want to try something new, go into some stores and you can touch and feel the sheets before you buy them. If you are looking for sheets for your kids, you might want to bring them with you. You can look at kids fitted sheets and top sheets with them and they can have some input into the thread count and pattern.

While you may not think much about the sheets on your bed, they really do make a difference in your quality of sleep. As was already noted, people enjoy sheets that smell nice. Having relaxing colors and the right thread count (the perfect thread count for one person may not be the perfect count for another’s tastes) can help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Do some research and you will find the right sheets and pillowcases for you and your family.

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