Three Helpful Websites for Closer Families

Magazines for family

In the United States today, departures from the typical nuclear family have become the norm and can be seen in three quarters of the American population. Much of this trend is accounted for by the fact that divorce rates in the U.S. are higher than anywhere else in the world, and almost half of all marriages today will end in a split. In order to buck that trend, and raise a healthy family, many spouses and parents will want to find some great magazines for family advice. Fortunately, there are several online family magazines that can help. They are a great resource for anyone who wants to preserve their marriage and keep their family close.

One of the best online family magazines that people have to choose from is Thriving Family. In addition to having a bimonthly printed publication, Thriving Family offers a website loaded with all kinds of articles and information that are designed to help families stick together. Site visitors will find articles on simple articles, like how parents should act when they lose at a board game, and more comprehensive information about things like blended families and how to thrive as a single parent. While there are some religious tones that some might want to avoid, the information on the sight and in the publication is outstanding and helpful.

Simply Family Magazine is a nice tool for parents and family members for a couple of reasons. One of the nicest thing about the website is that it has specific sections for families as a whole, families with babies, and families who are going through the stresses of having teenagers in the home. One of the advantages of reading a family magazine online is that there is more flexibility, and this is true for Simply Family. The magazine also sets itself apart by having a calendar full of fun and productive family events, recipes, and even crafts projects that families can work on together.

Another great option for parents who want the best for both themselves and their children is Families Online Magazine. The website features lots of current blogs and articles that can help families work through problems that they are currently dealing with. For instance, right now, all of the top stories listed have to do with preparing a kid for going back to school. However, it is a great online family magazine because it provides information and advice in lots of areas, including family fun ideas, health tips, and even ways to save money. As a result, information about almost any topic a parent might be struggling can be found on the Families Online Magazine website.

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