This Mod Adds More Armor to Minecraft

Video games can be a great way to bond with your family. However, you have to be careful to pick the right ones. Not all games are created equally. In fact, some aren’t even worth playing at all. However, Minecraft is not one of these games.

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Minecraft has become exceedingly popular for good reason. It encourages creativity, problem solving, engineering, and collaboration. With the proper server hosting, it makes the perfect game for you and your family. If you are planning on playing any modded Minecraft, you will want to find a server host that makes setting up a modded Minecraft server a breeze. Conveniently, Bisect Hosting offers Minecraft Forge server hosting. Forge is what the vast majority of Minecraft mods run. While setting up a Forge server would normally be involved, Bisect Hosting makes it extremely easy. In no time, you will be playing amazing Minecraft mods like the one in this video.

An intriguing Minecraft mod is the Immersive Armors mod. Hence the name, it adds many interesting new armor sets to the game. Each has a unique crafting recipe and abilities. For example, one set of armor gives the wearer protective spikes that damage any enemies that damage the player. In this way, it works similarly to the thorns enchantment.


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