The Many Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

Are you thinking about replacing your cabinets? If so, you should consider cabinet refacing instead. If you are unsure what this process entails, tune in to watch the video.

Think of cabinet refacing as a kitchen cabinet refinish. Instead of spending more money by completely replacing your existing cabinets, you can reach out to a cabinet refacing company that will help transform your cabinets and make them look brand-new.

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So, how does the kitchen cabinet refacing process work? The doors, drawer fronts, trims, and molding are all removed but the actual cabinet box is saved. They are then covered with a matching laminate that will match a new door and drawer front manufactured by the kitchen cabinet company.

Did you know that cabinets account for about 40 to 50% of kitchen remodeling costs? Many people don’t know bout cabinet refacing and end up spending thousands of dollars on brand new cabinets. With the refacing process, your old hardware is renovated and looks pristine. Make sure when you are looking for a kitchen cabinet company, that you do your research! A well-known company with good reviews and years of experience is always the way to go.


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