The Cremation Process


The video explains how the cremation process works in case you ever lose a loved one who wants to be cremated. It explains the different steps the operator takes to ensure the process goes smoothly.

The operators perform the cremation service with the highest level of care. The first step in the cremation procedure is removing all metal handles from the casket so that they do not interfere with the cremation equipment.

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The second step is raising the casket lift and then placing the casket on top of the loading table. These two steps get the casket ready to go into the chamber.

Family members can be present during the cremation process, at least according to most cremation service professional feedback, and they can participate if they desire to as well. The family member who wants to participate can press a button to send the casket to the cremation chamber. The operator will start the process if no family members are present who want to start it. The cremator’s door opens, and the casket goes into the preheated chamber once someone presses the button to start the process. Once the door to the chamber closes, the cremation process continues at 800 degrees Celsius until it is completed.

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