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The Best Way to Organize Your Keychain

Keychains are not only for keys. They can also be used as substitute purses. How is this possible? When you use not just the basic keychain you stick in your pocket, but a bangle or bracelet key holder that fits easily onto your arm. To keep this keychain in order, Amber Wardell, founder and CEO of The Sensible Mama baby boutique, looks at how to organize your bangle keychain.

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Besides your keys, the most important item should be a magnet. It comes in attractive pouches made of various fabrics, even vegan fabrics. The magnets help you place the keychain on the refrigerator or even on the car, should you have to place the keys there while getting the kids in their car seats.

The next important item would be a small coin purse. You do not have to keep just coins in there. Things you can place in it include makeup, a debit or credit card, a driver’s license, or other things you may need when on the go.

Other things you might use include a very small tin, where you can items like medication, subway tokens or a personal flexible straw. Wardell also recommends a small item to keep your hands busy when stressed, such as a Simple Dimple.

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