The Best Private Schools Build the Strongest Foundations for Your Children

As parents we want to send our children to the best schools available to ensure they get the best quality education possible. The best private elementary schools can provide a strong foundation on which children can grow. They can also help prepare a child for high school with a range of advantages many public schools can’t provide. If you are looking at grade school options for your child, consider the benefits of private schools.

The Advantages of Attending Private Schools

  • Small Classes Class sizes in private schools tend to be much less than those found in public schools. Many classes fall between 18 and 20 students, and that’s on the highest end. Smaller grades can even have two teachers per-classroom to insure each child’s individual needs are met. These smaller sizes mean that no child is passed over, and can receive the attention they need to succeed.
  • Libraries The best private elementary schools come equipped with well stocked and maintained libraries. Some even have weekly library visits where children are encouraged to read and check out books. This can go a long way towards fostering a love of reading in young kids, as well as a boost in literacy.
  • Specialized Teachers Private schools usually always have art, gym, music, and theatre instructors that work weekly, or bi-weekly with classes. These special classes can offer a fun and creative outlet for kids at school. Having trained and talented staff members can help develop a child’s athletic or artistic capabilities, and instill attributes that can help them for years to come in the future.
  • Technology Labs Private school also come equipped with computer labs and some will even loan students tablets to use for homework and other school projects. As technology is becoming more and more important in every facet of our lives, these classes can help kids become computer literate quicker. While we may think screen time is a negative thing, kids can expect to work on their typing, word processing, and software navigation skills, which can help them in high school, college, and even the workplace.
  • Quality Lunch Private schools are notorious for placing nutrition at the forefront of provided lunches. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy meats can be expected, as opposed to sodas, chips, and mystery meat specials some public cafeterias provide.
  • State of the Art Facilities The best private elementary schools will be well maintained, modern, and clean. Many public schools unfortunately don’t receive the funding needed to maintain their facilities to this same standard. Art studios, computer labs, sports fields, quality gymnasiums, and functional classrooms, can make a world of difference in when it comes to making school a safe, and comfortable learning environment.
  • Extra Activities Private schools can host a range of activities that public school lack. From a larger array of offered sports, to different art programs, each student is sure to find what they like, and what they excel at. This can help bolster self esteem, and set them up with a lifelong interest, hobby, or even potential career.

Private schools offer the best bang for your buck when it comes to ensuring that your child receives the best education possible, in a setting that allows them to flourish. Interview a few school in your area, and talk with staff about their offered programs, and curriculum. You may also request a tour of the school to see if you think it would be best for your child. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to building a strong foundation for your children, see what private schools can do for you.

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