The Best Furniture for a Patio or Outdoor Event

Furniture is a staple inside any living space, from an apartment to a house to anything in between, and homely places such as hotels and motels feature furniture, too. But furniture is not always indoors; a lot of furniture pieces are, in fact, built for outdoor use. Outdoor chairs may be made of wood, wicker, or metal, or some combination of those, and may include leather or fabric padding, too. Outdoor couches may be built that way too, and chair covers may be helpful for keeping that furniture in shape longer. Many homeowners like to make outdoor living spaces on their back yard’s porch or patio/deck, and that means keeping the furniture in good condition. Having chair covers of a tough but attractive material is important, as chair covers can help keep an outdoor couch in good shape against rain, sunlight exposure, and more. And it’s not just that; for a large outdoor event like a birthday part, wedding, or bar/bat mitzvah, chair rentals, linen fabrics, tables, and more should be added. How might this work out?

Rent Some Furniture

A number of event types may take place outdoors either out of convenience or out of style, and that my include a wedding, a large birthday party, a charity meal, a casual sports event, a bar/bat mitzvah, and more. What these events have in common is that they call for tent and outdoor furniture rental, since it would be wildly expensive to actually buy all those chairs and tables for 200-300 people. The good news is that plenty of rental companies have these items in stock and ready for rental for local customers, and that includes stylish accessories such as chair covers, table linens, and the like. For an outdoor meal, though, it should be noted that silverware and glassware will come from a different sort of company. And of course, the food will come from a caterer.

How many tables and chairs should be rented, and what should be the square footage of the party-sized tent being rented? Figuring this out means starting from the basics of the event: the guest list. This number may vary slightly, but some events are strict about knowing how many people will attend, so it can be easier to arrange seating and tables. Weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, and other events may involve a guest list ahead of time, and this is a good reference for hardware rental. Once the guest list is finalized with a hard number, the event’s organizers will know how many chairs are needed and how many tables are required.

The size and shape of tables available for rent will vary, as will the number of people they can accommodate. The event’s hosts will decide what shape and size of tables they want, and that will determine how many they need. A round table may seat 10 people, or perhaps a long table can seat 20 of them. With the number and size of tables decided, that also dictates the number and style of chairs that will be needed in total.

All of this, in turn, will help determine the square footage needed for the event’s tent. Room will be needed not only for the tables and chairs themselves, but also for the chairs to slide in and out. What is more, there must be enough room between the tables for people to walk while the chairs are slid in, so all of those spacing factors will finalize the calculation for how much square footage is needed. The event’s organizers are now ready to rent the tables and chairs, and find a tent rental company that offers a tent of the desired size. The renters should visit the company in person and look over the tents in person, to check that the tent’s fabric is in good shape (free of stains, rips, frayed material, and so on).

Finalizing all of these details also makes it easier to visit a linen rental place for all tablecloths, as well as chair covers to match. The event’s hosts may decide what color, patterns, and material they want for those linens. Some are made of actual linen, others are made of silk or cotton.

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