The Benefits of Modular Storage Furniture for Home Craft Businesses

Since there are usually 300,000 items in the average home, quite a few of these may be quilting and other types of crafting supplies. When it’s time to get creative, many crafters may not know where they’ve stored all of the supplies they’ll need for a project. It’s not unusual for some people to purchase what they need and then set it on a shelf or in a drawer until they have time to create. Unfortunately, many people will forget where they stored these items, and may even repurchase items that they already have. While these items may still be put to good use for another project, it can be an added expense.

How to Create More Crafting Time

How much time do you spend looking for lost items? According to the Daily Mail, people spend quite a few hours looking for items that they’ve misplaced. This amounts to about 3,680 hours over their lives. Research indicates that every day, people lose as many as nine different items. This amounts to 198,743 over the course of their lives. When you know where all of your crafting supplies are, you won’t need to spend valuable time searching for them.

The Benefits of Crafting

Crafting is becoming even more popular within the United States. The Association for Creative Industries reported that 63% of American households participated in making crafts during 2017 alone. One of the many reasons for this is that crafters can experience a dopamine release, which creates positive feelings. There was a study published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy that showed the effect of knitting on depression. After knitting, 81% of the study’s respondents stated that they felt happy.

Creating a Workable Storage System

Since many people selling their creations on Etsy do this as a business rather than a hobby, knowing where supplies and completed items are stored is essential. Etsy conducted a survey which revealed that 97% of its U.S. sellers worked at home and 74% indicated that their shops were businesses. While some of these Etsy sellers may have well-organized work and storage areas, others may be looking for workable solutions.

Even though being able to work from home is a goal for many artists and craft-makers, it can be challenging. This is particularly the case when it comes to organizing supplies, tools, and completed projects. While some individuals that work at home may have a large studio, others may only have a small area or two where they can work. Whether people have a large or a small place in which to create, modular storage furniture, such as stacking storage cubes, can provide an excellent solution.

Modular Storage Furniture and Other Organizational Solutions

In addition to stacking organizers, there are other types of modular storage furniture. This includes craft storage bins, three-drawer organizers, and mobile craft organizers. Since you know that being well-organized can make a difference in your productivity, thus sales, you can choose the type of storage and organization furniture that will work best throughout your home or studio. Storage pieces are also available for closets and small spaces, which is an added plus.

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