Southern Plantations Are Brought to Life in New Ways

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Wherever you are looking for real estate, there is a high chance that you will come across southern plantations for sale. With so much land to available at your disposal, there are more reasons than one to invest in southern plantations for sale.

Featuring classic architecture, lush landscaping, and a rich history, farm real estate for sale and southern plantations are becoming more appealing to buyers in the southern part of the United States. It is common to see these large farm lots for sale purchased by buyers not from the area and re-purposed for many reasons. Many buyers are capitalizing off of their investments is buy opening the farm property up to the public for events such as haunted house tours, parties, and even weddings.

Weddings held at southern plantations have been a growing trend in recent years. This is because the beauty of the land combined with the decor of the event is often the perfect recipe for a large gathering of family and friends. Couples do not have to worry about having enough space to fit all their guests because these plantations for sale often have acres upon acres of land to work with. For the most part, the challenge lies in seating and serving the guests.

Sometimes, couples choose the theme of their wedding to compliment the elements of the land. Rustic details like exposed wood and other natural materials are used to decorate the entertainment spaces. Brides will often times sport handmade flower crowns to reflect the nature around them. This has become quite popular and seen in mainstream media as well. In the season opening of the hit tv show “Girls,” a wedding takes place on a old farm and the bride also wears a crown made from twigs and flowers.

Along with weddings, new owners of southern plantations for sale also make money from the property from the sheer history they have. While many are no longer used for their original purposes, some are turned into haunted house tour destinations for tourists and locals to visit. Some of the best-priced plantations are known to be haunted. Contrary to belief, this information does not steer buyers away. In fact, it can increase the chances of a sale.

People have always been interested in the unknown and the history behind things. Plantations are no exception.

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