Signs You May Need Dryer Repair

Dryer maintenance isn’t something most people think about until there is a problem. But, you can catch problems early by watching out for some common signs. keep reading to learn the common signs that you may need dryer repair.

The first sign you may need dryer repair is if the drum won’t tumble. If your dryer is not turning the way it’s supposed to or not turning at all, it’s a sign you may need dryer repair.

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The second sign is if there is little to no heat. First, make sure you don’t have a setting off, but if you’re drying clothes over and over again, there’s probably a deeper issue.

The third sign is a burning smell. While your dryer always has some smell, if you smell a burning smell, you should turn your dryer off immediately and call a repair service.

Fourth, there are strange noises. Some noises are normal but grinding sounds are a sign of a deeper issue.

Lastly, the dryer won’t turn on. If the door is closed, breakers fine, and it’s plugged in, there a bigger issue.

To learn more signs you may need a dryer repair, watch the video above!


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