Should You Consider a Short-Term Lease?

short term leaseIn 2014, 36.90% of households were renters, according to Census ACS data. Renting is often preferred for many reasons including household maintenance being taken care of, appealing amenities like a clubhouse or pool, and the flexibility to move elsewhere if needed. Many individuals have to travel for work and their jobs require them to move to different cities and states for training purposes or to manage different offices. Many entrepreneurs and business owners are required to travel to promote their services and products. A hotel or motel can be an expensive option if you are expecting to stay in an area for a few months. A very popular option for many travelers, students, entrepreneurs, and business owners is short term leasing.

Look for furnished apartments that offer a short term lease so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your stuff in a storage unit or trying to lug it around with you. A community that has a gym, pool, clubhouse and other rental amenities is preferred because your comfort and convenience should be top priority. When you’re finished with a long day at work you don’t have to find a gym or pool in the area, it can be right in your backyard! Not only that, think of hosting a business meeting at your community clubhouse. Tennis courts, basketball courts, and fitness centers are all huge draws to a rental community and will save you money on gym memberships or fitness programs.

A short term lease isn’t only for students or business executives on the road. What if you would like to move to a new city but need some time getting to know the area? Finding an apartment with a short term lease would give you the chance to really experience the area and find the perfect place to live long term. Look for a rental property that has short term leasing and long term leasing options in case you end up liking that property so much you can move into a different unit without hassle. Short-term rentals are great for those who are uncertain about what the future holds. If you’re not able to commit to a full year because of your job, school, or other personal situation, short term leases offer flexibility.

Take advantage of rental properties that provide luxury furnished apartments, a short term lease option, and lots of rental amenities.

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