Setting Up a Large Party Tent for Outdoor Events

A number of organized activities or events can be hosted not only in a convention center or a house of worship, but also outdoors. But people may still want a roof over their heads, so an event’s organizers will find party tents to rent and house the event that way. The event’s organizers may also find some accessories for tents, and these accessories for tents range from lighting and lamps to fabric walls, PVC windows, air conditioning units, and more. These accessories for tents are often optional, but either way, the event’s organizers must be careful about finding the right party rentals to make the event a success. Aside from renting a tent, outdoor events also call for chair rentals, table rentals, party linen rentals, and more. Banquet tables are a great idea for an outdoor charity meal, for example, and dream wedding rentals may include renting a collection of round tables for guests (and chairs to go with them). The right tents and accessories for tents can make an outdoor even feel as fully furnished as any indoor one.

Chairs and Tables

It may be tempting to rent a tent and accessories for tents first, but this is actually one of the last steps for organizing an outdoor event. Party tents vary greatly in their square footage, and renting a too-large tent is a waste of money while a too-small tent cannot house all the guests. Rather than “eyeball” the tent’s necessary square footage, the event’s organizers can start with the guest list. All outdoor events (especially weddings) will have a guest list, and once that number is finalized, the event planners can prepare for table and chair rentals.

Table and chair rental may be based not only on the number of guests, but the style desired. Some tables are long, others are squares, and some are round. Personal preference, and the event type, may dictate which type is best to rent, and how many. Along with that, the renters can also get enough chairs for everyone. With all tables and chairs rented, and their size and number known, the event organizers can calculate how much square footage all this will occupy. Of course, that also includes room between the tables for people to walk, and providing enough room for the chairs to slide in and out. All of this will result in the necessary square footage for a tent rental.

Renting the Rest

Now that the tables and chairs are settled, the event’s organizers can rent or buy everything else, too. Typically, those tables will have linens on them, and most often, linens are rented at businesses separate from the table and chair rentals. The borrowers must know the size, shape, and number of all tables they’re using, so they can rent the correct linens to fit them. As for material and color, that may be a matter of preference, as long as the size is correct. Some linens are made of cotton, and others may be silk or other materials. Linens may be a solid color, such as white or light blue, or they may have patterns on them.

Now for tents and accessories for tents. The event’s planners can visit a number of local tent rental companies and browse the tent models available, and find one that is the correct square footage for their needs. In this case, getting a tent that’s slightly over the necessary square footage is certainly better than a tent that’s slightly too small. Also, it’s important to do this in person so the renters can look over a rent for any defects, such as rips, holes, or stains. A suitable tent can then be rented.

This is not a tent for a camping trip, though. Large party tents often come with accessories to make them feel more homely, such as fabric walls complete with PVC windows to create a more private and indoor feel. Such tents can also have light bulbs or strings of lights set up on the roof, and some tents may even have small air conditioning units added for events in warmer weather. Ventilation windows and a solid, paneled dance floor can be added, too. Most wedding ceremonies are expected to have a dance floor, after all.

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