Secrets Every Homeowner Should Know When it Comes to Putting up a Home for Sale

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Now that the official start of summer has come and gun, the season of homes for sale has also officially kicked off! While it’s true that you can sell a home at any time of year, summer is the season when things really get hot in terms of home sales. In fact, June is the busiest month for real estate agents to show and sell homes to prospective buyers! So if you haven’t already, now is the prime time to prepare your home for sale if you want to get to sold as soon as possible so you can move onto or into something much better for you.

When it comes to putting up a home for sale, many people assume that it all boils down to luck in terms of how quickly a home sells. And while luck does play a role in how quickly a buyer scoops a home up off the market, a lot of the reason behind this is science and a bit of good old fashioned common sense. If you’re serious about putting a home for sale on the market and want it sold quickly, you have to get serious about knowing the ins and outs of selling home by researching what works, what doesn’t, what’s hot, and what’s not in your area.

Here are some of the best kept secrets when it comes to putting a home up for sale and getting it sold to the right buyer as soon as possible. You can take these tips and customize or modify them in order to better suite your needs.

Make sure the price is actually right

When it comes to pricing their home for sale, many homeowners make the unfortunate mistake of letting their emotions get in the way and price their homes way too high as a result. While it’s understandable feel sentimental about a place you’ve in for quite some time or raised a family, this shouldn’t cloud your judgement when it comes to pricing. Find out exactly how much your home is worth by having it appraised and then reduce that number by 15% to 20% if you’re serious about selling it quickly. You’ll have more prospective buyers than you’ll know what to do with and several bids, even if the bleakest of markets! As a result, they’ll eventually bid up and over the price you initially set and closer to the actual value of the home.

Let there be light and lots of it

Lighting is everything, so make the most of the light in your home by showing it off when it comes selling time. this is especially important for homes in the city, where buyers place great emphasis on natural lighting. In order to show off your home’s natural lighting, get the windows spotless by cleaning them inside and out, dust and update any prehistoric lampshades, increase the wattage of your light bulbs and choose ones that provide soft, warm lighting, trim any bushes or trees in order to let more light in, and choose light, sheer, or no drapery at all. This will make your home for sale appear even brighter, cheerier, and more enticing to prospective buyers and home hunters.

Hide your pets

Dogs, cats, and other critters can be a major turn off for potential home buyers, especially ones that have allergies or simply do not like the thought of an animal getting too comfortable and cozy in a home. After all, pet stains and odors are extremely difficult to remove from carpets and the smell of pet waste can linger long after the originals have left. If you have cats, dogs, or other animals living in your home, do you best to conceal them when it comes time to put the home for sale up and show it to prospective buyers. You may even want to have the in laws pet sit them for the day or send them to a pet daycare.

Turn your home into a house

Buyers want to be able to envision themselves in your house, not your home. Removing some personal touches allows this to happen easily.

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