Replace a Window with These Easy Steps

This video discusses window installation services and how a homeowner could replace his or her windows if necessary.

Drafty windows that need to be replaced can cause a serious problem with monthly expenses in the home. They can cause the person to have a higher electricity bill than usual.

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Therefore, it may be necessary for that person to do a window replacement right away. There are roughly two choices for window replacement. One alternative is to do a full replacement, and the other option is to do an insert replacement with only the part of the window where the crack or damage is present.

A pocket window or insert replacement is acceptable when the frame is in good condition. If the frame is not in excellent condition, a complete replacement is necessary. It’s better to replace old and failing windows than to do a partial job and still have issues because of it.

A measurement of the height of the pocket opening needs to be done before the project can start. This measurement includes the frame of the actual window and not the stops. The new window must be 1/2″ to 3/4″ from the opening for a perfect fit. Watch this video on window replacement installation to make your home more efficient.

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