Preparing to Move

Moving can be a stressful time for you and your family. From handling all the necessary paperwork, organizing all of your belongings, to getting the proper moving supplies, it will test your patience. However, if you give yourself enough time to adequately prepare for your move, it can make your life a whole lot easier.

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In this video, you will see just how to properly prepare for your move.

First, you need to make an estimate for your materials. This includes beds, chairs, tables, desks, televisions, any type of larger item that is used regularly and will be coming to your new residence. Creating this estimate will make it possible for you to gather the proper moving supplies such as boxes and bubble wrap. A neat trick that can help to organize better is using color-coded tape to decipher what items are in each box. This will make things much easier when the inevitable unpacking happens.

Moving is always stressful, but you can take these steps to make it a bit easier for yourself.

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