Planning the Perfect Wedding Floral Arrangements

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Flowers are often associated with weddings. They are a symbol of love, attraction, and beauty, all things that people strive for when planning the perfect wedding. Yet, many couples struggle with choosing the best floral arrangements for their big day. How do you pick the perfect flower to suit your needs? How do you select the flower that will look best in photographs? How do you know which flowers will be the most affordable? These are all common concerns when shopping for a wedding florist. Keep these floral suggestions in mind during your wedding planning process.

Budget of flowers

The type and amount of flowers that you use during your wedding day will depend on your specific budget. You should have already created a wedding day budget that entails all of the necessary purchases. Although different wedding calculators will suggest allotting a specific amount to the flowers, the exact portion that flowers make up in your wedding day budget will depend on your desires. If you desire a hall full of red roses, you will need a larger flower budget. However, if you are satisfied with silk flowers throughout the reception and only want a small bridal bouquet, you can cut your floral budget.

Work with local florists on the price of current flowers. The price will be affected by what is in market at the time of your wedding. Specific colors will also play into the price. Normal flowers colors, like greens, yellows, and pinks are easier to come by. More unique of colors, like blues, purples, and reds may have to be dyed, and thus, may cost more. Although flowers typically make up a 7 to 8% of the wedding budget, your actual budget will depend on your floral dreams.

Arrangement of flowers

The specific arrangements of flowers will also factor into the price and overall look of your wedding day. Some of the best selling flowers are so expensive because of their handcrafted design. Wedding florists are experts in arranging normal flowers into unique designs. It can be helpful to go into your wedding florist consultation with an idea of the type of designs you are looking for. But remember, the more complex that a floral design is, the more expensive it will be.

Delivery of flowers

You will also have to establish how you will get your flowers on your wedding day. The day may be too hectic to arrange a pickup the same day. However, if you pick them up too early, they will wilt and not look as nice. Your wedding florist will suggest the best pickup timeline. In most cases, it is best to arrange for a flower delivery to ensure that they are fresh. Some wedding florists will include the delivery in the cost of the floral price, while others will charge a small price to have them safely delivered.

If special circumstances require early pick up, you will want to consider the type of flowers that are used in your floral arrangements. Roses tend to wilt quicker and may not be best for future pickups. Tulips lifespan is also very short, being 3 to 7 days. Keep the minimum lifespans in mind when choosing a flower that requires early delivery or pickup. If too early of pickup is required, consider silk flowers that will not wilt.

Lasting flower memories

The flowers are an important part of your wedding day. They are something that will be in pictures and in your memories for many years to come. Be sure to select flowers that you enjoy and that mean something to you. Continue the meaning and memories of these flowers with anniversary flowers. Continue the tradition by purchasing a similar arrangement of flowers every year on your wedding anniversary.

The annual spending on floral products in the U.S. is $26,600,000,000. A large percentage of these flowers are purchased for wedding decorations. Create your dream wedding with floral arrangements that add to the decoration and memories of the event. For the best results, keep in mind a flowers lifespan, cost, and overall look. Choose something that is meaningful and that looks beautiful with the rest of your wedding designs.

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