Online Dating Websites Create Modern-Day Fairy Tales

Dating online

Did you know there are more than 55 million single individuals in the United States looking for love? Some estimates put that number even higher, for a total of just over half of the U.S. population waiting to find a life partner. With more than 70 percent of the population believing in the possibility of love at first sight, it?s easy to see why online dating websites are becoming increasingly popular. Every time one connects with a new person via a profile match, it could be the beginning of their very own once upon a time love story.

Who Uses Dating Websites?

More than half of internet users believe online dating gives people a better opportunity than anything they could do locally because it broadens the pool and lets individuals connect in a more meaningful way. It also vastly increases the potential number of people one is able to meet. Due to this about one in ten adults say they have tried a mobile dating app or an online dating website. Of those who have tried online dating, nearly 70 percent have gone out on a date with someone they met. Who uses online dating websites? Far more people than you probably imagined

More importantly, the answer should be you. If you have found it difficult to connect with someone in your daily life, it may be because there aren?t enough people around you who share your interests. More than 60 percent of singles say having common interests is the key to a happy relationship, and one of the most important qualities they look for when dating. Taking the time to honestly complete a dating profile can greatly increase one?s chances of finding someone they will connect with.

Are Online Dating Websites Safe?

Speaking of being honest when completing one?s profile, safety is always one of the first concerns voiced by people considering online dating sites. To be fair, not all sites have the safety precautions in place to ensure their users are being completely honest. This can make safe dating online challenging. The safest online dating sites will verify factual information of their users to ensure everyone is able to enjoy a safe first date.

Close your eyes for a moment and think about what happily ever after feels like for you. Who are you in the story, and who is standing there with you? Keep that in mind when you fill out your online dating profile and be as honest as possible. The only way to bring what you want into your life is to be truthful in what you send out. Honesty and integrity are key in creating secure online dating experiences, and they can lead to a fairy tale ending.

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