My Child Is Complaining Of Abdominal Pain And Fever Should They See A Pediatric Urgent Care Center?

Sometimes you’re set back with an injury or illness you can’t quite treat yourself.

Over-the-counter medications don’t seem to be doing anything. You’ve talked to family and friends about the issue and are coming up short. Instead of waiting to see your regular doctor, you’ve considered visiting an emergency room out of fear for your condition. This is a sadly common story in the United States, no matter the budget or problem at hand. Instead of potentially spending thousands of dollars on a medical bill, look into a 24 hour walk in clinic.

Urgent care clinics are the bridge between you and feeling better, with a convenient quality and cost on top of it all. Below are just five things you need to know to start recovering.

Pediatric Urgent Care To Keep Your Children Healthy Year-Round

One of the most wonderful aspects of urgent care is how flexible it is. You can find a 24 hour walk in clinic to accommodate you at the drop of a hat. You can also find pediatric care to attend to your children. According to the Urgent Care Association Of America’s 2016 Benchmarking Report, there are over 7,350 urgent care locations in the United States. Many will provide pediatric specialists who can soothe your child’s nerves and provide them with treatment, check-ups, or referrals.

Advanced Diagnostic And Laboratory Services For Nearly Any Issue

You may be concerned about the quality of pediatric urgent care. How can a place so affordable offer the best in medical attention? The benefits of urgent care are designed to give you whatever you need when you arrive, even if it’s a referral to another doctor in the area. There are also urgent care and emergency room hybrids that can save you a trip, known as as a ‘hybrid model’. An effective ER alternative means a place that can match it with both great technology and great doctors.

Preventative Care Measures To Ensure Your Consistent Health

You don’t need to swing by pediatric urgent care or a hybrid model only when an issue crops up. It’s also a great idea to visit to ask for preventative health services to keep you fit. These include (but aren’t limited to) physicals, STD tests, vaccinations, physical therapy, or mental health resources. Whether you meet with an urgent care doctor or receive a referral, you’ll be glad you took the time to do so. Your health is important and urgent care is only too happy to provide.

Quick Care For Minor Or Moderate Illnesses

Are you struggling with abdominal pain that seems to come out of nowhere? Do you worry that your rising temperature could be a sign of a deeper problem? Before you make drastic measures, visit your local urgent care center and ask to be seen. The same Urgent Care Association Of America determined at least 90% of urgent care centers have wait times of 30 minutes or less. This means you’re in and out the door before you can blink, all the better to keep your fever low and your pain levels lower.

On-The-Spot Treatment For Minor Or Moderate Injuries

Not only can you request advanced diagnostic and laboratory services, you can also see quick care for any injuries. A large blister that makes it hard to walk, a deep cut you don’t trust to treat yourself…all can be attend to at your local urgent care. It’s best to take precaution when treating an injury yourself, as you can indirectly make the issue worse. An urgent care center has both the experience and equipment to ensure that fractured ankle or burn doesn’t get worse. Even better, you’ll leave with a low cost and a clear head.

Urgent care centers see dozens of patients every day. Make your local pediatric urgent care your go-to location for family check-ups.

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