Kitchen Design Is A Net Positive Improving Your Life And Home Value With One Renovation Project

A beautiful kitchen is a functional kitchen. When’s the last time you bumped into your kitchen counter and wondered how things could be better?

Kitchen remodeling services remain one of the top home renovation requests today. A whole host of benefits usher into your life the moment you reach out to a kitchen designer and ask about their rates. From creating a more comfortable home to boosting your ROI, it’s a smart decision that just keeps on giving. Knowing where to start with your kitchen renovation, however, can be easier said than done. If you haven’t renovated in a while — or have and just need some tips — continue reading below.

Kitchen remodeling is conscientious, useful, and beautiful. Try these tips on for size next time you feel the itch to fix things up.

Choose The Reason Why You’re Renovating

This is a good place to start because it gets to the root of your troubles. Are you looking to renovate because you’re tired of a cramped space or are you in need of higher home value? This will help you focus on what you want and need, instead of just choosing whatever comes to mind. An interesting study found property damage repairs accounted for around 35% of all home remodeling jobs. This includes major cracks or just worn-out surfaces or finishes.

The Remodeling Industry Is Going Through Substantial Growth

You’ve chosen the perfect time to reach out to your local kitchen designers. The remodeling industry is growing faster by the minute, due in no small part to increasing demand. According to an industry estimate, the remodeling industry is expected to grow by nearly 3% every year through 2025. Back in 2015 over $325 billion was spent on home improvement and repair in the United States. Your kitchen designer is a professional with their ear to the ground, able to redirect you wherever is needed to get your home in shape.

Kitchen Remodels Can Usher In Healthier Lifestyles

This may come as a pleasant surprise, but a new kitchen will do more than just look nice. It will actually encourage you to live and eat healthier. According to a Houzz study on the side-effects of a nicer kitchen, one-third of homeowners stated they change to a healthier lifestyle after remodeling the kitchen. This includes installing a kitchen island, adding granite countertops, or just creating more space. The kitchen remodel is a functional addition to any home, irregardless of whether you work at home or work in an office.

Improving Home Value Starts With The Kitchen

Is your home value dipping a little low for your liking? Kitchen remodeling services will buff that straight out. A minor kitchen remodel has the potential ROI of 80% or more — think replacing your worn-out tiles or adding a functional kitchen island. Cupboards are a rather popular choice for homeowners that are struggling through a lot of color. A survey on kitchen remodeling found 50% of homeowners in suburban areas stating they would be willing to remodel their home, with that number closer to 70% in rural areas.

Kitchen Designers Will Improve Your Home From The Inside Out

When you need a little bit of everything in one handy package, kitchen designers can bring out the best in your home. A single kitchen remodel — even a minor one — can net you a solid ROI that lasts for years. You will improve your lifestyle by creating a more spacious, functional kitchen you want to be in. HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Report in 2017 showed 80% of homeowners having active upcoming plans for home improvement projects. While bathroom remodeling is a popular choice, kitchen remodeling continues to steal the show.

Improve your home. Improve your life. Talk to kitchen designers about your next custom kitchen renovations.

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