Installing Laminate Flooring in your Home

Laminate flooring is a fantastic way to dress up your home easily and inexpensively. The first thing you need to do is remove the old flooring that is there, this means things like carpet, old laminate, and more. It is helpful to also remove the baseboard to help make an easy to access place.

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You then need to make sure the floor is very clean. Remove things like old nails, residue, and even dust and dirt that might still be there. You then need to get under flooring, this is going to create a barrier between the floor and the laminate.


You will need to tape the seam to help make sure that the floor is fully covered and secure. You then need to choose the direction of the floor. If you have longboards you might want to lay them either lengthwise or crosswise. You need to make sure that there are spacers to help allow the floor to expand and move a bit. You need to measure carefully around the door frames and baseboards as well. You then need to follow the directions for clicking the laminate together and secure it. You will also need to add trim to keep the flooring in place.

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