If You Have Carpets, You Might Consider a Cleaning Service

You take a look at your carpet every day and, aside from the normal surface clean by taking a once-over with the vacuum, you don’t think there is much else that you can do for your carpet. However, this is not the case. Many Americans who have carpets in many areas of their homes do not realize what could be held within the fibers and how imperative it is for you to ensure that your carpets are always as clean as possible, especially when you are raising a young family in your home.

Why Looking at the Surface Doesn’t Always Help

Doing a once-over with the vacuum and taking a close look at your carpet might reveal to you that everything is fine. However, if you were able to see the microscopic issues that might be lurking beneath, you might be surprised by what you find, and you would want to know if you have any more options for the cleanliness of your carpets.

Carpet cleaning is a necessity that every person should consider. Even a carpet that appears clean to you might not be; in fact, a carpet could hold up to one pound of dirt in a single square yard, which might sound scary when you have young children walking around your home and want to ensure that everything is as clean as bacteria-free as possible. With a carpet cleaning service that offers hot water extraction and a quick dry, you can ensure that the life of your carpet is in a professional’s hands and that you are getting the best cleaning possible.

Why is water extraction and quick dry important as part of your carpet cleaning services? If you or somebody you love suffers from allergies, this is just one reason why carpet cleaning is necessary, so that you can keep your carpets free of allergens and keep your family safe and healthy. Allergies are actually the sixth leading cause of chronic illness of individuals in the U.S., with over 50 million Americans suffering from allergies in just one year’s time. About 5-10% of Americans is allergic to pet dander, among many other allergens. Some homes, especially those with carpets that trap in dander and make it difficult for you to recover, are considered high-danger homes. If you have ever felt bad in your own home and wonder how your allergies can continue to act up and worsen over time, this is likely the reason why.

You should always think of your children as well, as children are used to dropping things on the floor and picking them back up again. When bacteria lives inside your carpet, this could mean a breeding ground for bacteria to infest themselves on your children, who can become relatively sick if they catch certain illnesses. According to research, nine in ten people have said that they have picked up and eaten food that has fallen on their carpets, even though bacteria is able to live inside a carpet for four or more weeks.

If you have never had your carpet cleaned and a quick dry initiated by a professional, it might be time to consider it. 40% of people are just like you and have never had a professional come into their home to steam their carpets, which means that same amount of people could be living with carpets that are packed full of mites and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. Call a professional as soon as possible so that you can get started on a healthy lifestyle in your own home.

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