How Your Clothes Can Warm Hearts

Red cross clothing pick up

Do you have a closet full of old clothes? Maybe some of your shirts don?t fit or your shoes are no longer in style. Perhaps you aren?t sure where those plaid pink jeans came from. Whatever the reason, you haven?t worn anything from this pile of clothes for a long time, but you want to reclaim your closet. The Environmental Protection Agency has found that the average American will throw away 10 pounds of clothes every year. Instead of contributing to this statistic, you might want to consider visiting a clothing donation center.

It?s easier than you might think!

When you donate clothing, you are both making more room for yourself, and providing someone less fortunate with a garment that could make all the difference in the world. Though it might not seem like much to you, that old jacket that is too tight for you could provide much-needed warmth in the winter months for one of those people without a home. In fact, on any night in January 2015, over 564,000 individuals were homeless in the United States. Used clothing donations from individuals like you also help many with limited income find affordable alternatives. So where should you donate?

The American Red Cross provides many drop-off locations throughout the country, but what if you don?t have a way, or the time, to go somewhere to donate? That?s perfectly fine! There is a way to schedule a Red Cross pickup. You can set a time for your clothes to be picked up at your house, and all you need to do is be ready with whichever articles of clothing you have decided to donate. The only requirements are that whatever items you choose to donate should be clean and in usable condition.

A Red Cross pickup is a simple process that can have such a positive impact in many ways. First, you will provide for someone less fortunate. Second, you will help reduce waste by recycling your articles of clothing. And finally, you can use these donations as a tax write-off. Used clothing donation is a charitable endeavor in which everybody wins and a strong sense of community can be cultivated.

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