How to Properly Install an Electrical Outlet

Chances are, you use your electrical outlets every day. They are used for powering your lamps, television, computer, and your phone charger. If they were to break, you would be in for a tough time. Thankfully, they are easy to repair. However, extra care must still be taken to avoid serious injury from electrocution.

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In this video, you will learn about a common mistake people make when hooking up the new outlet.

A new electrical outlet may look confusing at first. There are all sorts of bolts and holes where the wiring could go into. How do you know where to hook up the wiring? Well, an electrician will tell you that each electrical outlet follows the same design principles. There should be two colored screws on each side of the outlet. The pair will be silver and the other brass or gold. People often run into issues because they hook up the wrong wires to the wrong screws. The white wire should hook up to the silver screws. This wire is also known as the neutral wire. Meanwhile, the black wire should hook up to the gold or brass screws. This wire is known as the hot wire.


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