How To Clean Your Area Rugs at Home

Do you want to be able to clean your area rugs at home without paying for a service? This video takes you through some easy steps that will get your rugs looking new and smelling fresh.

There are a few things you will want to do to do before you start the area rug cleaning process. First, you will want to bring your area rug to a large space outside and lay it flat down preferably on your driveway for easy clean-up. Now, this next step is important because you want your rug completely free of any loose particles such as crumbs, hair, and dust. You will then want to give your rug a good vacuum to get any debris off. These steps will set you up for success before you start the deep cleaning process.

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Some things you will need for your area rug cleaning are a vacuum, extension cord, dawn detergent, any kind of pressure washing device, and a flat area to lay your rug down on. This process can get messy so it is suggested that you do this outside and wear clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. Watch this video on how to deep clean your area rug at home with ease!

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