How to Choose the Right Home Heating Oil Company

Most people get the impression that heating oil companies are a dime a dozen. But that is not the case at all. Customer service is important. Websites like Yelp and Google Business give people a good idea about other people’s common issues with certain home heating oil companies. Bad business cannot escape customer reviews from price gouging to poor and disrespectful service representatives; their business will not last under a litany of bad history.

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Furthermore, companies with good reviews are often in business for a while. Similarly, if the local home heating oil company sponsors youth sports teams or has ties with local business accreditation organizations, there is little to worry about.

Additionally, if they are upfront about their pricing and servicing habits, they are probably a reputable business. Consistent oil deliveries and quick propane tank installations should be expectations for any competent home heating oil company. Lastly, consider their payment plan options and fuel prices. Many home heating oil companies now offer price-protected plans that help reduce consumer costs in a fluctuating energy market. Given that oil is a finite resource, and considering that many homes are distant from oil fields need home heating, getting this guarantee on paper should be a top priority.


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