How to Choose the Perfect Kids Bedroom Furniture

Decorating a child’s bedroom takes creativity and panache, plus a knack for organizing. As this video states, choosing kids bedroom furniture that doubles or triples the room’s utility and storage space offers the best alternative. For example, a bunk bed set that provides desk space under the bed provides room for study, play, and sleep in one cozy unit.

A wall of shelves or a floor-to-ceiling bookcase provides a child’s room with lots of storage space. Use colorful baskets or bins in your kid’s favorite color to organize their toys, books, magazines, electronics, and other items.

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Choose natural wood in a light finish, such as oak, for your kids bedroom furniture, creating a room full of light. Avoid painting walls with odd colors or installing murals that will quickly become dated as your kid ages.

Add bright overhead lights, task lighting in the closet and study area, and chase away shadows with accent lighting. Use tie-backs for blackout curtains, so kids can let light pour in during the day, but close the curtains at night for warmth and to block early morning light that could wake them before their alarm. Pulling everything together can turn one room into a playroom, study, and bedroom for your child.

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