How Can Waterproof Crib Sheets Make Potty Training Easier for Kids and Parents?

Kids pillowcase

Bringing up baby. It helps to have the patience of a saint. A sense of humor. The power to harden your heart and say “No” when necessary. And soft, washable waterproof crib sheets. These are a far cry from the smelly vinyl waterproof covers you’ve used until now. New fabric technology has used tencel and natural fibers to create washable, breathable, all-natural waterproof fitted sheets for kids and grown ups. From potty training sheets to double fitted sheets, they’ve got you covered.

Soft, breathable, waterproof sheets
The new waterproof sheets are really that – sheets. Soft, comfortable, cool, breathable sheets in cheerful bright colors, that kids and adults can snuggle into. Whether it’s potty training sheets or twin sheets for older kids, they come in a variety of sizes and colors. They replace the old waterproof layer made of vinyl, as well as the sheet that you used to cover it.
No one could enjoy sleeping on a waterproof mattress protector made of vinyl. They are noisy, crackly, and heat up as you sleep, so you wake up feeling uncomfortable. For babies and young children with their delicate skin, they are especially harsh. Pillowcases made from the same material ensure a good night’s sleep, which the little rascals need to store up the energy for the new day.

Zinc is antibacterial and blocks odors
Waterproof hypoallergenic fitted sheets and protective pillow cases use new fabric technology to incorporate zinc into the fabric itself. Zinc has many benefits – it is antibacterial, blocks odors, and refreshes and regenerates the skin. The cosmetic-grade zinc used for these sheets won’t wash out despite repeated washings.
These sheets are also machine washable, and come out of the dryer smelling clean and fresh. Everyone, babies and adults alike, loves to sleep on fresh sheets. In fact, three-fourths of people say that they sleep better on fresh-smelling sheets. And the same number of Americans say that they are excited about going to bed when the sheets have just been washed and smell fresh.

Help with potty training
For parents with babies and young kids, waterproof fitted sheets are a blessing. Especially when potty training kids, these potty training sheets replace the uncomfortable vinyl mattress protectors you had to use before.
Potty training is a major childhood landmark. Kids themselves recognize this as part of growing up and gaining control. Experts offer the following helpful tips for parents whose kids are ready for potty training:

  • Be aware that the age for potty training varies. Some kids begin as early as two and others can start a year later.
  • Discuss it with your kid first. There are books and videos that can help prepare them.
  • Make sure your kid is able to sit on the potty chair and can pull up her or his pants.
  • Schedule regular potty breaks, usually about two hours apart. Encourage your child to use the potty whenever it’s needed.
  • Be flexible. Sometimes kids can go back and forth and accidents can happen. Stay calm and positive.
  • Nighttime potty training takes longer. Use waterproof potty training sheets to keep your child comfortable during this period.

Waterproof potty training sheets make the transition easier for both parents and kids.

Waterproof sheets for baby make life easier for parents. There are comfortable waterproof fitted sheets for adults as well, ensuring that everyone sleeps well and wakes up refreshed.

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