How Bean Bag Chairs Can Be Good for Your Back

Bean bags

You’ve probably seen a bean bag chair, and you may think of bean bag lounge chairs as the ultimate in gaming seating for those 155 million Americans that are regularly playing video games. But you may not have thought about that corduroy bean bag chair or fuzzy bean bag chair as a meaningful part of your health routine. Turns out, they can be good for your back.

What’s Wrong With Your Back?

A lot of people experience back pain. IN fact, nearly half of all working adults will have back pain at least once a year. Unlike some other conditions, back pain is often not the result of an organic problem, but a similar mechanical issue. In other words, you’re sitting, standing, walking, or getting up in the wrong way. One of the keys to stopping this type of back pain is the right ergonomics. It turns out that your corduroy bean bag chair can be just the right ergonomics.

What Does Ergonomics Have to Do With Anything?

Ergonomics simply refers to furniture designed to conform to the natural shape of a body. Most furniture isn’t deliberately designed in this way, and that leads to chronic conditions that develop over time and lots of use. specially designed ergonomic furniture can be very expensive, but the big bean bag chair is naturally ergonomic.

How do Bean Bag Chair Do That?

The filling of a bean bag chair naturally allows it to move till it matches the shape of the body sitting in it. Once that shape forms, though, the filling of a quality bean bag chair is usually stable enough to keep that shape while it’s being used. This allows the chair to support the shape of whoever is sitting in it at the moment, promoting good posture and supporting the back. This makes it both an affordable and an adaptable piece of ergonomic furniture.

But Aren’t Bean Bag Chairs Ugly?

They certainly don’t have to be. Thanks to gamers, the current bean bag chair market is better than it has ever been. It’s possible to get corduroy bean bag chairs, fuzzy chairs, and chairs in every color and size. A nice bean bag chair is now affordable, comfortable, and accessible for nearly everyone.

If you want something to support your back, whether or not you’re gaming, consider the humble bean bag chair. It might just do the trick better and cheaper than anything else.

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