Home Staging Tips For The Luxury Seller


While these are many factors that buyers consider when buying a luxury home, appearance is certainly one of the most prominent. So, when it comes to selling, staging can make or break a buyer experience. By strategically crafting your staging, you can make your home stand out amongst other houses for sale. Follow these simple tips to take your staging to the next level.

  • Remove Clutter: Keep your home looking clean and clutter-free by taking the time to organize and get rid of unwanted items. Have a professional cleaner do a thorough scrub of the house and have the carpet shampooed.
  • Use Real Plants: Fake flowers and plants look tacky and take away from the freshness of a room. Before potential buyers come by, place fresh flowers around the home. If you have potted plants, be sure to remove any brown leaves. These details will keep the home looking lively.
  • Incorporate Pleasant Smells: Scent is directly tied to emotion, so be sure that your house smells inviting. Light some candles or place air fresheners around. Consider the season as well, lighting woodsy candles in the winter and fresh ones in the summer.
  • Purchase Artwork: Original artwork gives your home that extra boost of luxury.
    Work with a local artist on a commission piece or tour some galleries to make your selection. Buyers can usually tell when homes have stock art.
  • Have Unique Objects: Do you have a grand piano or decor from your world travels? Show off these items. Not only does it show your commitment to a high end lifestyle, but it also gives the home a unique character.
  • Remember The Outside: Your home’s curb appeal is critical to its overall appeal.
    Remember to invest in updated landscaping and hardscaping before you put your home on the market. Most realtors will be able to give specific advice on what outdoor features can up your home’s value.

There were 501,000 homes sold in the United States in 2015. Only a fraction of these were luxury homes, making this category available to a unique market. When selling your home, think like today’s high end buyer and consider what you personally would want to see in houses for sale. Then stage your own home accordingly.

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