Have You Started the Final Countdown to Your Wedding Day?

Party equipment

The beach themed wedding in the middle of Nebraska was a success. Although it was hundreds of miles from the groom’s home of Jamaica and any real beaches, the combination of wedding rentals and handmade decorations created a beach like event. With flat mirrors as center pieces, scattered with sea shells, sea glass, and colored sand, the white table cloths from the wedding rentals company looked both relaxed and elegant.
When the dance floor turned into a Jamaican dance event, the draped tables and chairs were moved to the side so that even more dancers could celebrate with the new couple. The party accessories were a fun way for the groom’s family to share their culture with the midwestern guests, and a great way to tie the ocean blue cloth napkin wedding rentals into the entire event.
Are You Getting Ready for a Large Celebration?
Backyard party rentals, wedding and birthday rentals, and a variety of other offerings can help any party planner create exciting and celebratory events. Wedding tent rentals can help create intimate settings for large numbers of guests and themed inflatables can help childlike teenagers celebrate a 16th birthday. Consider some of these facts and figures about the party rental industry and how careful planning can help you create the most successful events:

  • Plans can vary in size and cost, but the average cost of a wedding reception in the year 2012 was $13,106.
  • An increasing number of people are choosing to hold their marriage ceremonies outdoors, a setting that often depends on the use of tents and outdoor floors.
  • Research indicates that 48% of people find the wedding professionals they use based on recommendations from friends and family.
  • The most expensive place to get married is New York City, where the average wedding costs reach the amount of $70,030.
  • Yard weddings and yard parties are increasingly popular, but weather is always a factor. Renting large tents, however, can help protect guests from both the hot sunshine and, even, rain.

  • The number of couples who had a $1 million or more wedding budget DOUBLED from 2011 to 2012.
  • Inspired by the ocean, sailcloth tents have rapidly become the choice of special event planners and brides and across the country.
  • Making a wedding or a graduation party something unique is a goal of many party planners. These planners try to incorporate the personal taste of the people who are celebrating.
  • Estimates indicate that Utah is the least expensive place to get married, with an average of $13,214 spent on weddings in that state.

As you get ready for your big event, you will likely decide that working with party and wedding rentals to help you create the event that you want. It is PARTY TIME somewhere!. Have you made the reservations and plans that you need?

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