Get Rid of Termites With These Helpful Tips

Home pest control is important to homeowners due to the significant damage pests can cause to objects in the home. The YouTube video “How to Get Rid of Termites” gives an overview of how to eliminate termites–a particularly harmful kind of pest.

Termites are often erroneously misconstrued with ants by homeowners. Unlike ants, which possess ribbed abdomens and elbow-shaped antennae, termites possess ribbed abdomens and straight, short antennae.

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These distinctions are important in identifying termites.

To gain access to homes, termites build thin mud tubes that are as small as 0.25 inches in diameter. Damp mud tubes tend to aid termite activity. Termite damage can be detected in the exteriors of homes by looking out for hollow beams and discarded wings in home areas such as joints, cracks, electric meters, fuse boxing, and fences.

In home interiors, look for signs of termite infestation in attics with wood rot or water leakage. Also inspect subfloors, roof bods, and crawl spaces.

For proper home pest control, it’s best to contact a professional who is adept at using pesticides and insecticides. Foams or dust agents and baits placed around the yard can also be used.


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