Extermination Services Including a Mouse Exterminator Keeps Your Home Healthy!

A mouse in your house is something you want to get rid of quickly. A professional mouse exterminator can quickly rid your home of mice and other pests. A mouse exterminator has the experience and the tools to get rid of pests fast!

When you see one mouse there are likely others. Getting the problem under control is vital to the health of your home and your family. Mice control can help to get rid of the mice you have and prevent other mice from moving in.

Why Is Professional Rodent Control a Must?

Mice and other rodents can cause a great deal of damage but that is not the only thing to be concerned about. Mice can cause health problems. Professional pest management can help to remove the threat of health issues and the risk to property caused by rodents.

Rodents including mice can spread disease to humans. Hantavirus is a very serious disease that is spread through urine and feces left behind by rodents. A human that comes in contact with the urine, feces or dried dust of the same is at risk. Unfortunately, that is not the only risk.

Contracting salmonella from rodents is also possible. When rodents contaminate food or have traveled across food prep areas the disease can be spread to humans. LCMV (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis) is a virus that is transmitted by the saliva, urine, nesting materials and feces of rodents and can cause meningitis in humans.

Direct transmission from a mouse to a human is only part of the health threat. Mice can carry ticks and fleas into the home as well. Ticks can transmit Lyme disease. Professioanl extermination services can put an end to the risk and the worry!

Property Damage

After reading about the disease that mice can spread, the potential property damage does not seem quite as important. Mice and other rodents are chewers that means they will chew through wiring, insulation, sheet rock and more. They will get in your closets and chew through clothing, shoes and whatever else is in their way.

The property damage can be extensive. The larger the infestation the larger the bill will be for the damages. A mouse will come indoors when they are nesting, which means they plan on giving birth in your home after creating a nest. That also means that you can expect a population explosion if you do nothing.

Over the Counter Remedies

Setting out over the counter traps may or may not work but more importantly those traps will only kill what you can find, they do nothing to prevent a re-infestation. A professional will find the place that the mouse is getting in and address the issue. Then they get to work eliminating the current population!

If you suspect you have a rodent issue, it is best to call in a mouse exterminator fast before the problem gets out of hand!

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