Do Your Pipes Have a Corrosion Problem?

Have you noticed that your copper piping is leaking more frequently? You may have a copper corrosion problem on your hands. This is a fairly common problem with family homes. It often results over time as unintended debris get into the pipe or it gets worn down by the water itself.

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In this video, you will learn how to avoid copper pipe corrosion.

A common cause of pipe corrosion is simply the water chemistry. The presence of minerals in your water can result in mineral buildup within the pipes. This mineral buildup can corrode the pipes or cause the water flow to change which may corrode the pipes. Similarly, improper soldering from installation or repair can also change the water flow in the pipes just enough to cause corrosion on certain areas of the pipe. While this may not be obvious at first after installation or repair, this different flow of water will cause corrosion that is noticeable over time. This is why most people are left confused as to why their pipe is leaking and corroded. Therefore, make sure to solder your pipes correctly from the beginning.


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