Do You Feel Safe in Your Home?

Security cameras

The news of the latest police officer shooting in New York City sets off high emotions across the country. As the world listens to the frantic radio call from one police officer who is reporting that his partner has just been shot ambush style, Americans become increasingly worried about their own personal safety.
Given the frightening stories that are on the news every night, it should come as no surprise that more and more people are inquiring about the installation of home security systems. From complex video surveillance systems to more simple security system installation, the home security systems that are available to Americans continue to expand in an effort to meet the needs of an increasingly concerned public.
Are You Considering Installing a Commercial or a Home Security System?
From the basic access control systems that companies install to allow their workers to come and go on their own time schedule to the more complex motion detectors that can be activated throughout an entire office, business security systems can help protect property and personnel. In your house, a home security system allows you to set alarms at night or when you are absent, as well as use surveillance cameras to watch over your pets while you are away at work.
Although some people are concerned about their security and safety, others are looking for technology that allows them to automate their home. From being able to check to see that your doors are locked and that your garage door is shut when you are away is just one of the simple results a home automation system can provide.
Consider these facts and figures about the commercial and home security system industry and the related automated home functions:

  • Kids across America often come home from school while their parents are still at work. A home security and surveillance system can help you check on your child’s arrival even when you are not home.
  • Estimates indicate that U.S. businesses experience $13B in shoplifting losses each year. Many of which might be avoided if you a security camera system is installed.
  • Everyone can sleep better if they know that their house is safely monitored by a home security system.
  • Police only solve about 13% of all reported burglaries. The lack of more solved crimes is mostly because of a lack of physical evidence or witnesses.
  • In the year n 201 it was estimated that all reported property crimes let to a total of $16.6 billion in losses.
  • Nearly 85% of break-ins are committed by non-professional criminals.
  • Getting up in the middle of the night to see what the noise is out in the garage is exhausting. The installation of a video surveillance system can help you see what is going on without getting out of bed.

  • You need to take charge of the safety of your family and consider adding a home security system to your home.
  • One way to keep your family safe is to make sure that you install a security system that can help monitor your home when you are asleep or away from the house.
  • U.S. residents become concerned about their safety everytime that they turn on the evening news. The decision to look into a security system can instill a sense of normalcy and safety.
  • Regular maintenance keeps cameras and alarm systems working their best.
  • Finding the right security system can be a major relief for families who are concerned about their safety.
  • An estimated 18 million home security systems are currently installed in the U.S.
  • More than 2.5 million home intrusions are reported every year in America.
  • In homes without omes without security or alarm systems, they likelihood of being broken into is nearly 300% more than a home with a security system.
  • Luckily, 85% of police officials surveyed indicate that home monitoring systems help deter burglary attempts.
  • Yearly totals indicate as many as 30% of all burglaries occur with the offender entering through an open or unlocked door.

  • Some insurance companies offer as much as 20% discounts when a security system is installed in a home.
  • According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, three of every four employees steal, something that can be deterred with the installation of video surveillance equipment.
  • Forcible entry is used in about 61% of all committed burglaries.
  • Estimates indicate that there are as many as 18 million home security systems installed in the U.S.

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