Different Types of Above Ground Pools

If you’ve ever dreamed of incorporating a pool into your family home, you’re not alone. Thousands of people in the U.S. invest in their very own above ground pools every year. Above ground pools are used for swimming, relaxing, and even playtime for kids.

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Thus, above ground pools are awesome options for families of young children. Despite the basic design of the above ground pool, there are actually several different types and styles to choose from! This video outlines 5 different kinds of above ground pools.

Clearly, above ground pools can come in a variety of heights and materials. Resin pools are incredibly strong, and can come in cheaper gridded designs or solid walls. There are also semi-in-ground pools that are half above the ground and half under. This helps keep the pool secure while also adding less stairs to climb to enter the pool. When choosing your pool type, you need to take your lawn and yard into account. When your lawn has a hill, you can build your pool into it! Finally, you can have a round or a circle above ground pool. The choice is yours!


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